I recently tried the new HCG diet drops and I could not believe it myself when I lost an overwhelming 40 pounds. It was such an incredible experience and everybody else is asking me how I did it. The answer has always been the same, thanks to the pure HCG diet drops website. I don’t know how to even start explaining how it all started, but one thing I can tell you for sure is that, these drops worked miraculously for me. It all began when my close friend talked to me about the diet drops. Initially I had no idea about what this was all about until I sought to find out more information in the web. And alas! There is loads and loads of information on the various diet drops but, being little of experience, I decided to go with my friend’s suggestion, the HCG diet drops. And I have never at any one moment rued over my choice. I rightly admit to myself and my friends that this was the best choice I ever made when it comes to weight loss. Right now, I can only afford to tell of the benefits and efficacy of this drop. Surely a hassle-free way to lose weight. In addition, the method is safe and thousands of people across the globe have in one accord put their trust to this product.

loose skin

However, with all the happiness and joy of gaining a desirable weight, there was this new challenge. With losing weight, the excess skin is quite embarrassing. This is because of the excess fat that initially took that space. But now it’s gone when metabolized by the HCG diet drops and what is left is the sagging skin which is almost sac like. The droopy skin is as bad as excess weight. Everybody else wants a good body shape aside from losing excess weight. The extra loose hanging skin is very common around the arms and the stomach. This excess skin is so because of the elastic nature of our skins which was initially stretched and kept in shape by the excess fat. To get rid of the excess skin, I tried methods that would help recover my skin’s elasticity in a natural way. Factors such as the amount of weight lost, time span in which the skin was stretched out and age come into play. The following ways helped me gain shape:

Drinking a lot of water

I realized taking a minimum of six glasses of water per day is a great deal if you want to gain skin elasticity. Water also plays key roles in nourishing your skin by making it smoother and radiant. The skin also becomes tighter along the way. The power of hydration that comes with water certainly improves and tightens your skin.

Moisturizing your skin

Moisturizing the skin is important in ensuring growth of new skin cells. This can be achieved by applying moisturizers such as Coconut oil, which contain the vital vitamin E.

Frequent massages

Massages help in better circulation of blood which is key in skin improvement. Coupled with essential oils, massages can be very rewarding and beneficial for the skin. At least pay a visit to your masseuse every week.

Exercise belly toning

The belly being the worst affected by loose skin, taking exercises such as crunches, air bikes, sit ups and leg raises will be invaluable in getting rid of the excess skin.

Being active in strength training

This involves strength training which has proven to greatly help in tightening the loose skin, since the muscles tighten in the process hence tightening the skin too. Doing it three times a week will be very beneficial to anyone who has excess skin.